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Vilnius International 100 km Run: an invitation to another sport festival

Just as before, athletes will be able to opt for half a distance – 50 km; there will be also a 10x10 km relay race, which sparked a great interest last year.

“The 50 km distance is targeted at those for whom a marathon is no longer enough, but who are still not ready for the 100 km challenge. It is an excellent stop in between the two. To give the event more sparkle, we started organising relay races. They usually stir up strong emotions, good mood, competition and enthusiasm. That’s a nice opportunity to strengthen your company, team or club and bring together all like-minded people. Everyone can take part in the event and show their support to ultra runners following the route for six, seven or even fifteen hours. There are not many 100 km runs taking place in the world. This is why the event should be seen as a promotional opportunity for Vilnius and Lithuania. We could be distinguished for a variety of interesting sports events. Vilnius is open for all kinds of sports, especially where a person has to face himself in a personal struggle, while staying healthy,” further told Mr Martinka.

The Lithuanian 100 km running championship will also take place within the framework of this event.

On the day of the event, spectators will be able not only to observe the running competitions, but also to take part in different amusing activities provided by our partners.

Vilnius International 100 km Run is organised by the Athletics Federation of Lithuania, Vilnius City Municipality, Public Institution ‘Sveikas miestas’, associations ‘Sporto renginiai’ and ‘Mano klubas’.

Register yourself or your team at www.100kmrunning.lt


Additional info:

Registration: www.100kmRunning.lt

More information: info@100kmRunning.lt

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/100kmrunning

Instagram page:  www.instagram.com/100kmrunning


Running programme:

Vilnius 100 km running

21 July 2020, Vingis Park, Vilnius

Start and finish in front of the Vingis Park's stage.

Opening of the event (starts):

6:00 a.m. – 100 km, 50 km running marathon;

6:00 a.m – 10x10 km relay races.

Entertainment programme:

12:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. – educational, sporting and entertainment programme for spectators (relay races, sports, entertainment for families).

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