July 19, 2020






       You are kindly invited to take part in the Vilnius 100 km Running and present your sports, health and active leisure products to a wide audience of participants of the event.

       Show yourself:

During the event, you will have a great opportunity to arouse the interest of the visitors in your products/services, broaden the range of your followers and introduce your company, services or trademark to the public.

       Integration of your trademarks in the sports zones of the Event.

       Branding possibilities: Make a stand, display your flag, set up an enclosure or a tent or simply park a car. Create your own zone for sports competition, a ramp or a sporting area and etc.

       Awards: Give the participants a chance to win your prizes.

       Sending a message about you: We communicate with the leading local newspapers, most popular radio stations and a number of social groups. Our notices that appear in the media and social networks also send a message about our partner.



Position during the event (Separate agreement)

1. Sponsor's information, the contact material with the number of package participant.

2. Free participation of the sponsor team with the company's merchandise.

3. Sponsor's promotional merchandise at start / finish town (flag, tilt launch corridor).

4. Sponsor's promotional stand (tent) in start and finish town, or other advertising structures.

5. The ability to sell products.

6. Sponsor's name on participant numbers.

7. Large Sponsor's name/ logo on the winner's podium sheet, photo wall, the press, etc.

8. Social Media Posts For Sponsors (photo/ video with sponsored brand products

9. Prizes of the Sponsor.

10. Being able to watch the event start/ finish area and organize a feast/event company for VIP customers.

11. The possibility of using the event for employees' team building - different teams competitions (together with athletes or separate start of few kilometers).

12. VIP area of Sponsor, opened during the event for the representatives of the Municipality.